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What customers say…

Vegvisir Tapestry
“It was very well made and shipped earlier than expected! Even with covid. I am very pleased with the quality of the work and how well made it was. 10/10 would recommend it!”
Viking Coasters
“I got the coasters pack – 4 items, 2 of each one. The pieces are amazing, high quality, beautiful, and so cool. And a special touch on the pack, you can see that someone treat the pack with care.
I’m enjoying it a lot.”
Odin's Ravens Huginn and Muninn
“Beautiful bold colour, really eye-catching. Made with a lot of love and care. It arrived beautifully wrapped and with it, I received a letter sealed with a wax stamp thanking me for my purchase and the care instructions.”
Chloe Sayers

Ana Castillo | Time Nomads Pagan Shop Online
Everything started in Autumn of 2016…

Time Nomads is a one-woman business based in Ireland and the result of endless childhood fairytales and stories of fantastic creatures, mixed with a passion for art and design.

Since I was a child, I had a lot of interest in the mythology and tales of ancient civilizations. It wasn’t until I grew up when I started to understand that these stories told a lot more than fiction: they hide the morals, customs and thought process of our ancestors.

Later, I started to dig deeper into the history of pre-Christian religions and the occult and found sacred geometry an amazing tool to meditate and express myself.

The goal of Time Nomads is to create home decor that is useful and fit for modern life, as well as pieces that are meaningful and resonate with those who love mythology and folklore.

All our products are made with care and high-quality materials, so not only you will bring a unique piece into your home, but it will last you a very long time!

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