Gifts for Witches that follow the Norse Pagan Path

If you search “gifts for witches”, you will get millions of results in a second and, while I can see them as a great guide for beginners, most of these lists fail in this one thing: they are tremendously generic, forgetting that there are many different paths within witchcraft and paganism.

This gift guide has been created with witches who follow the Norse Pantheon in mind (also known as Völva or Seidr) and it’s perfect for any occasion, so if you know someone who practises Norse Magic or you identify as one and want a little gift to yourself, keep reading!

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Gifts for the Norse Witch

Books for Norse Witches

There’s something a witch never has enough of (apart from empty glass jars to store all their herbs): books!

In this list, I’ve included a few of my favourite books about Norse Paganism and Viking Culture. I’ve divided them into 3 different categories, from those who speak about magic only to those who are about Viking History, as I find that reading about all of these aspects is quite important to fully understand the Norse Religion.

Norse Magic Books

Books about the History of the Vikings

Norse Myths Books

For more book ideas about rune divination, check my post with 5 books for beginners!

Norse Altar Supplies

An altar is the most sacred and personal place for a Völva and those who follow the Norse Pantheon. This is where they worship and connect with their deities in their day to day practices.

Here are some ideas to contribute to this space with a very special piece:

Norse Gods and Goddesses Statues

Altar Tools

Altar Cloths

Other Witchcraft Supplies

As I said before, there are some things a witch can never have enough of, so these supplies surely are the perfect gifts for witches:

Altar Essentials



Norse Decor

Not all gifts for witches have to be related to their craft itself. I created a small selection of Home Decor pieces with some other ideas to help them decorating and bringing different symbols of the Norse religion into their homes, keep scrolling down!

Norse Wall Art

Norse Bedding

Norse Mythology Art Prints

Pagan Home & Living

Norse Jewellery

One of the best gifts for witches is jewellery! This is a great way to carry their favourite sacred symbols with them everywhere they go.

These are some of my favourite pieces made with durable materials:

Norse Bracelets

Rune Necklaces

Norse Earrings

DIY Gifts for Witches

DIY gifts for witches
DIY your gifts for your witch friends

Lastly, gifts for witches don’t have to be too complicated: if you are on a tight budget or you want to give something extra special, then make it yourself!

All witchcraft paths have something in common, regardless of the branch you choose to follow, and that is DIYing as many things as you can. Your witch friend will love it, not only because it’s a unique gift, but also because it carries your good energy and intentions.

These are some ideas of witchy DIYs that you can make easily:

I hope you enjoyed this guide and if you want more Pagan gift and decor ideas, make sure to join our clan (and you will get a 20% off code as well!)

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