Rune Magic 101: What are and How to Make Bind Runes

Learn how to make your own personal amulets and sigils with these simple yet powerful tools!

How to Make Your Own Rune Set

Do you want to initiate yourself in divination or are you curious about it? Then rune casting is a great way to start! Learn how to make your own rune set with this beginner-friendly guide…

The Viking Calendar

The Norse Wheel of the Year

Have you ever asked yourself if there is anything such as “the Norse wheel of the year”? or what the Viking calendar looked like?

Aegishjalmur and Vegvisir Meaning

Aegishjalmur vs Vegvisir: what’s the difference?

If you are starting your journey into Paganism and Viking History, I’m sure you have stumbled upon these two famous Norse symbols: the Aegishjalmur and the Vegvisir…

Pagan Travel Destinations

Pagan Blog Post - Newgrange

5 Reasons to Visit Newgrange

Newgrange is the best-known Neolithic passage tomb in Ireland and its 5,000-year-old walls hide many secrets and legends, most of them still unknown and forgotten with the passing of time.

This tomb is located in the Boyne Valley (County Meath) and consists of around 200,000 tonnes of rock, with a width of around 85 metres. It might not seem very spectacular for the modern eye, but we can’t forget that this structure was built during the Neolithic period when the everyday material was just stone.

Surprisingly, this place isn’t widely known outside of Ireland, unlike other megalithic structures around the world such as Stonehenge. Keep reading to learn more about this magical spot and make sure to pay a visit as soon as you can, I’m sure you will want to repeat in the future!

Pagan Gift Guide

Norse Mythology Books for Kids

Do you have a little Viking in your family? Maybe you simply would like to introduce Norse Mythology to the little ones in your home. Luckily, nowadays there are books for everything you can imagine and there is no shortage of beautifully illustrated Norse mythology books for kids that will capture their attention and make their imagination fly for hours!

Norse Mythology books for kids

Rune Casting for Beginners: 5 Books to Get You Started

If you are ready to begin exploring unknown aspects of yourself, then reading runes is a great way to start. Rune casting layouts can be as easy or as complicated as you feel comfortable with: from a simple yes or no question to three, four, five or even nine rune spreads for the most seasoned learners. Check these beginner-friendly 5 book recommendations!

Book of Runes Recommendations | Pagan Blog

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