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  • Wrap Bracelet with Elder Futhark


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    Wrap bracelet featuring the Elder Futhark alphabet.

    • Customization available, we can translate a name or a special message into runes (up to 60 characters) for the same prize. Let us know your choice in the text field below (If it’s less than 60 characters, decide if you want me to fill the space with random runes or if you prefer to leave it blank.) All the orders that don’t include any specifications will receive random runes engraved in the bracelet, as shown in the picture.
    • One of a kind product, handmade with care for each order, every bracelet is unique.
    • Simple design that makes it suitable for everyday wear.
    • Made with real leather, it will last you a lifetime if you take care of it properly (See our care instructions below)
    • Measurements: 70cm wide x 1,5cm tall (around 27.55 inches tall x 0.60 inches tall), can be wrapped to your own taste.


    Current processing time: 3-5 business days.