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Custom Cipher Runes Tapestry


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Create your own Lønnruner tapestry and display a secret message in your home, without anyone else knowing it. It can also be a fun game to test your house guests or if you want to send it as a gift. Each order includes instructions to decipher the message!

Maximum amount of letters per tapestry: 20 (please, bear in mind that the longer the message is, the smaller the runes will be. If you want a longer message, don’t hesitate to contact me)

Current processing time: 3-5 business days.

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What are Cipher Runes?

Cipher or cryptic runes (also known as Lønnruner) were a way to code regular runes. We don’t know why they were used for sure, but some theories say it was just a way to hide the inscription’s meaning due to its secret or taboo nature, others say it was simply a pastime or a way for the writer to brag about their knowledge of runes.

There are many types of cipher runes, but for this piece, I have selected the branch and twig style. How do they work? The Elder Futhark alphabet is divided into three groups of eight runes called aetts or aettir. The number “branches” or “twigs” on the left side indicates the aett in which the rune is and the ones on the right reveal the position into said aett.

For example, the letter Fehu is the very first letter of the Norse alphabet, so it would have one branch to the left and one to the right.

The sample tapestry in the pictures says “Time Nomads”, can you see it now? If not, don’t worry! All orders include further instructions to decode the message.

Care Instructions

If your banner is wrinkled after delivery, you can iron it at 204 °C (400 °F). If you need to clean it, remove the wooden dowel and wash by hand or in the washing machine, using the delicates program and cold water.

Additional information

Banner Color

Black, Burgundy, White


Small – 40cm wide x 30cm tall, Medium – 50cm wide x 40cm tall, Large – 70cm wide x 60cm tall

Cipher Runes Style

Branch Style, Twig Style


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