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Customizable Runestone Poster | Black


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Get your unique runestone art piece!

Customize every part of it (size, colour…) and finish it with a custom message, which I will translate into Elder Futhark runes* and incorporate into the design Maximum amount of letters to include: 130

Scroll down if you need inspiration for your custom message, otherwise, feel free to write anything you have in mind!

Please note that each poster is hand-printed using the lino printing technique, so each art print will be slightly different. 

Current processing time: 3-5 business days.

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*DISCLAIMER: I’m using the Elder Futhark alphabet for practical purposes, although runestones were carved using the Younger Futhark alphabet originally. The Elder Futhark has a variety of sounds and runes that adapts easily to the Latin alphabet, as opposed to the Younger Futhark, which only has 16 letters.

Ideas for your Runestone Art Print

If your mind goes blank when thinking about what message to include, have a look at these examples found in real runestones to get some inspiration! Or if you prefer, simply replace the names with your own or the people you have in mind:

  1. Stone Dr 212: “Eskill Skulkason had this stone raised to himself. Ever will stand this memorial that Eskill made”
  2. Stone U 160: “Ulvshattil and Gye and Une ordered this stone erected in memory of Ulv, their good father. He lived in Skolhamra. God and God’s Mother (feel free to add the deities of your choice here) save his spirit and soul, endow him with light and paradise.”
  3. Stone Sö 101: “Sigrid, Alrik’s mother, Orm’s daughter made this bridge for her husband Holmgers, father of Sigoerd, for his soul”
  4. Stone N 68: “Gunnor, Thythrik’s daughter, made a bridge in memory of her daughter Astrid. She was the most skilful girl in Hadeland.”
  5. Stone U 1011: “Vigmund had this stone carved in memory of himself, the cleverest of men. May God help the soul of Vigmund, the ship captain. Vigmund and Åfrid carved this memorial while he lived.”
  6. Odendisa Runestone: “The good husbandman Holmgautr had (the stone) raised in memory of Óðindísa, his wife. There will come to Hassmyra no better housewife, who arranges the estate. Red-Balli carved these runes. Óðindísa was a good sister to Sigmundr.”
  7. Stone U 240: Danr and Húskarl and Sveinn and Holmfríðr, the mother and (her) sons, had this stone erected in memory of Halfdan, the father of Danr and his brothers; and Holmfríðr in memory of her husbandman
  8. Björketorp Runestone: A I, master of the runes(?) conceal here runes of power. Incessantly (plagued by) maleficence, (doomed to) insidious death (is) he who breaks this (monument).

How the Poster is Made

Each Runestone Art Print is created using the lino printing technique in black 140gsm paper, giving a unique result each time. This paper has a bit of texture, mimicking that found in real runestones. After this, I translate your personal message into Elder Futhark runes and add it to the design.

The poster can be bought individually or with a magnetic wooden hanger and it’s also available in white cotton rag sheets or as a tapestry.

Additional information

Poster Size

A5, A4, A3

Runestone Color

White, Red

Runestone Finish

Runestone design only, Runestone + Custom message

Poster Hanger

No hanger, Natural Wood Hanger, Black Hanger


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