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DIY Rune Set Kit


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This DIY rune set kit includes 25 blank runes made of uncoated pine wood (24 for the Elder Futhark alphabet + 1 extra in case you want to include the blank rune) and a felt cotton bag, so you can store them safely once you are finished.

You can carve the runes, burn them or simply use acrylic paint or a sharpie. For more information on the process, feel free to read our post about making your own runes.

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About the DIY Rune Set Kit

Would you like to initiate yourself in the art of rune casting with your very own runes? Then this DIY Rune Set kit is perfect for those who don’t have all the tools to cut and finish wood, but still want to take the time to create their personal rune set.

You will receive 25 blank pieces made of untreated pine wood and a black felt bag, so you can store your set safely once you are finished. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to download our Elder Futhark cheat sheet and get a 20% off discount code as a bonus, you can use it in your next purchase!

Care Instructions

To make sure that your DIY rune set lasts a very long time, you can use varnish after you are finished. For a more natural option, you can use oils that will enhance their color and texture. Some oils that are recommended for wood are:

  • Linseed or flaxseed oil
  • Teak oil
  • Tung oil

Please, be careful with the type of oil you choose. Some of them, such as olive oil, can get rancid over time and will give a not so pleasant smell to your rune set!