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Huginn and Muninn Tapestry | Burgundy


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Huginn and Muninn are Odin’s ravens. He sends them out in the morning to fly around Midgard and they whisper all the news once they are back.

  • One of a kind product, handpainted and sewn with care for each order, every banner is unique.
  • Made with cotton fabric and water-resistant paint so you can wash it whenever needed (scroll down for care instructions)
  • Wooden dowel included, ready to hang on your wall as soon as you receive it.

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More about Huginn and Muninn

Huginn and Muninn not only are Odin’s ravens: it appears that Huginn represents the thought, while Muninn would be the memory and one cannot live without the other. Because of this, some scholars believe that these two famous ravens are linked to shamanic rituals.

We can find examples of these mythological characters in the Prose Edda and in the poetry of skalds, as well as many archaeological artefacts featuring the god Odin accompanied by one or two ravens.

Care Instructions

If your banner is wrinkled after delivery, you can iron it at 204 °C (400 °F). If you need to clean it, remove the wooden dowel and wash by hand or in the washing machine, using the delicates program and cold water.

Additional information

Banner Size

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Banner Size

Small – 30 cm wide x 40 cm tall, Medium – 40 cm wide x 50 cm tall, Large – 60 cm wide x 70 cm tall

Customer Reviews

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Magnificent! Absolutely beautiful hand made item with traditional old world material, craftsmanship, and artistry. I bought from other sellers, several period replica banners, but all were cheaply made. Ana from Time Nomads in Ireland did a wonderful job on this. I love the material, which looks like a heavy dyed canvas, as well as the painted imagery which looks hand painted. Overall, very impressed and pleased with this banner. Very much like originals would have been made. Thank you Ana. Skol!


Nice banner


Beautiful detailed work, highly recommended.


Good job ! With beautifull colors !

Beautiful and love it

Beautiful bold colour, really eye catching. Made with a lot of love and care. It arrived beautifully wrapped and with it I received a letter sealed with a wax stamp thanking me for my purchase and the care instructions.