Rune Magic: What are and how to make bind runes

Rune Magic 101: What are and How to Make Bind Runes

Those who are starting their path in Rune Magic usually feel a bit lost when it comes to Bind Runes and how to make them. Keep reading and learn how to make your own personal amulets and sigils with these simple yet powerful tools!

Ancient Symbols…

Modern Fit

What are Bind Runes?

Bind Runes are one of the two types of combined runes (the other is the Lønnruner or Cypher Runes, click here to learn more about them!) and they are two or more runes bound together, often used with magical purposes these days.

These symbols are pretty rare in Viking Age inscriptions and in most cases, they simply displayed the name of the carver or served as an ornamental piece.

Their use as magical amulets continued later in Iceland. We can find some examples of bind runes in Medieval manuscripts around the 1600s (for example, the famous Icelandic staves or Galdrastafir, such as the Vegvisir and Helm of Awe, are a combination of runes with magical purposes)

example of rune combinations
Example of Different Rune Combinations – Runir, Seu Danica Literatura Antiquissima, Vulgo Gothica Dicta Luci Reddita by Ole Worm

Nowadays, bind runes are gaining some popularity again and many people use them as sigils or amulets and to cast spells. By combining different runes, you are asking the gods for a result – good or bad – for you or another person.

Types of Bind Runes

There are many ways to classify these magical symbols. Here are the two bind runes types based on their shape:

1. Linear

Which at the same time can be divided into two other types:

The modern Bluetooth symbol is an example of a stacked Bind Rune

A. Stacked

The most common bind rune and it’s made with two – rarely three – runes that share the same axis.

In spells, they are used to manifest a reality.

B. Same-Stave Rune

We can find this type in Scandinavian runic inscriptions. A series of runic letters are written in a specific order along a common axis.

In magic, you can use them to attack a problem.

Example Odin Bind Rune
Example of a Same-stave rune, spelling Odin

2. Radial or Stave

Example of a Radial or Stave Bind Rune

We can find some examples of this type of bind runes in the Icelandic staves or Galdrastafir. Each rune or combination of runes stems from a common centre point.

Defense spells or amulets are the perfect candidates for this kind of design.

How to Make Bind Runes

The most crucial step in this process and most often, what deters beginners the most – is to study the runes and understand their individual meanings first. We have to be careful with what runes we mix together and pay attention to the “hidden” characters that might appear in the final design, as they can affect the general purpose of the spell.

At the same time, don’t be so afraid that you feel completely paralyzed. The best way to learn is by taking the first step and practise as much as possible! Start with a simple two-rune sigil for a short-term goal and try to analyse the bind runes made by others until you understand them.

There are many runic alphabets to choose from, but if you are a beginner, the most common to start is the Elder Futhark. If you don’t know where to look for more information, check out this list of book recommendations for beginners or download a copy of the Elder Futhark cheat-sheet.

Step 1: What do you want to achieve?

Before you start picking any runes, do some visualization work. Think about the goal of your spell and what steps you would need to take to achieve it. Once this is clear, the next step will be easier!

Step 2: Select your Runes

Think or read about each rune and its meaning and select those that fit your purpose the best. Whether this is your first bind rune or you are a seasoned rune caster, it is better to not over-complicate things: limit your choices to two or three, five at most.

This can be the most difficult step, as some runes have ambiguous meanings, so study different resources and take your time!

Step 3: Time to create your design!

Pick some pen and paper and start drawing as many combinations as you can. Don’t worry too much about it being right or wrong at this point, let your imagination fly and draw everything that comes to your mind!

Once you have your sketches, I recommend giving them some time. Do something unrelated, like going for a walk: sometimes the perfect bind rune will come to your mind out of the blue or in your dreams.

If this isn’t the case for you, have a look at your paper again and pick the ones that speak to you the most. Study them to see if there are any hidden or reversed runes that can alter your spell.

Step 4: Select your material

Any material will do but take some time to think about the purpose of your bind rune. If it’s serving a long-term goal, you would want to select a hardy material that can stand the test of time (like wood or stone) and if it’s something for the near future, regular cardboard or paper is more than enough.

Take into consideration that you will have to carry your bind rune with you or have it somewhere in sight, so pick something that is practical for you and your situation. For example, you can create a pendant and wear it as a necklace or an art piece to hang it on your walls.

Step 5: The Creation Ritual

You have your intentions clear, your bind rune design and your materials ready… Now it’s time to give your amulet its power!

There isn’t a fixed set of rules for this, really. The most important aspect of this step is to focus on your intent while you carve or draw your bind rune.

My personal choice is to prepare a space with a candle and some incense for a calm atmosphere and meditate for 10 or 15 minutes to clear my mind.

Once you are focused on the task ahead, start carving each rune of the bind rune individually, until you create the final design. Think about each rune’s meaning and how it’s going to help you.

After you are finished, take some time to meditate and think about your intent again with your new amulet between your hands. To finish your ritual, thank the Gods and Goddesses for their help and leave a small offering for them.

Step 6: Use your Bind Rune

This is the last step, I promise!

After you create your bind rune, put it somewhere where you can see it. For example, in your altar, your work desk, at your front door, carry it in your handbag… This will serve as a reminder of your goal. Keep the bind rune until you achieve it.

Once you reach what you asked for, it’s time to get rid of your bind rune, as it has done its job. This depends on the material, of course! If you used paper, you can simply burn it. In the case of using a harder material, you can bury it in the ground in a special place for you (for example, under a tree or in a lake – but make sure the materials aren’t polluting these spaces!)

Lastly, do a little ritual to thank the Gods and Goddesses again and leave them a little offering.

Bind Rune List: Examples and Meanings

Here is a little list with some examples of Bind Runes and their meanings:

Remember that these are just some examples, so open your mind, experiment and start creating your own!

Learn More About Rune Magic and Bind Runes

The world of runic alphabets and rune magic is very vast! To learn more about the history of runes and their magical uses, make sure to get your hands on these books:

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  1. I had been searching for the appropriate method to bind runes and I found nothing really. Your work is exceptionally worthy. Thank you so much for making it simple for the readers.

  2. Unless you are the same person you should realize this article is IDENTICAL literally word for word to JC Marco book “Elder Futhark Bindrunes” which was published the same year. Don’t know who copied who but its literally word for word.

    1. I didn’t know about his book up until now, my post was first created on October 2020, and I see his book was published in June 2021. Just in case there are any doubts about this, the first record in the Wayback machine is from the 16th of December 2020 and can be checked here

  3. And after having achieved my purpose, if I don’t want to get rid of my runes, would that be any problem?
    Note: Sometime ago I read that specially for healing health problems it would be important to get rid of the runes.

    1. So, a lot of the power of magick comes from the power of intent. The runes work as you intend them to. So I see no problem with keeping them if your intent is not to heal with them again. However, if you fall ill again I would make a new one to get better.

  4. Hello, I appreciate yor sharing this. I have questions though, and oftentimes I dont find answers. Here’s one: if runes are placed as facing sides of world for balance but that way appear in murkstave, does it channel its negative aspect even if it is not meant that way?
    I hope it makes sense. Thankyou.

  5. So, a lot of the power of magick comes from the power of intent. The runes work as you intend them to. So I see no problem with keeping them if your intent is not to heal with them again. However, if you fall ill again I would make a new one to get better.

  6. I appreciate the knowledge, but not all people that practice rely on the blessings of a deity. I understand that its common practice, however I’ve done just fine without the need to offer anything to the Gods. Yeah, they may have given this knowledge. But, I’m the one putting in the work and energy into activating the rune. Why do I need to split my energy up to giving the Gods an offering just because they watched?

    I guess I’m asking because several times you mention giving them offerings and thanks and it doesn’t make sense to me. Like I said, happy to thank them, but unless they’re directly empowering me to empower the rune, i see no need to give them an offering. No, I’m not Christian, not Atheist. I just have a different relationship with the Gods than most people do. To me it’s the same as giving my buddy $10 for a battery jump when all he did was watch. Anyway, I guess I answered my own question.

    Thanks for the knowledge.

    1. In your example, your buddy who helped you for the battery jump did show up with his car to help you. Sometimes, you might offer them 10 bucks, sometimes a coffee or sometimes a simple thank you. It’s about the same for the Gods (I’m not here to impose any beliefs, I just want to answer your question with my point of view). Even if the Gods did not write the bindrune you are making, they are still there and they might be the ones guiding you. A simple act of thankfulness will do =)

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