Elder Futhark 

Rune Meanings

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Literal Meaning: Cattle


Fehu is the rune of material wealth, prosperity, fulfilment and overcoming opposition.

Literal Meaning: Ox


Uruz is the rune of primordial and wild energy, brute force, good health and strengh.

Literal Meaning: Giants


Thurisaz is the rune of the god Thor and its hammer: Mjölnir. It represents a reactive force, defense or dangers coming your way.

Literal Meaning: Mouth


Ansuz is the rune of the god Odin. It represents the spoken word, communication, knowledge and the transmission of intelligence.

Literal Meaning: Wagon


Raidho is the rune of travel: a literal journey to another place or spiritual growth. It's telling you that this is the perfect time to move forward and take action.

Literal Meaning: Torch


Kenaz represents the controlled flame and the warmth of the hearth fire. It's also the rune of new ideas, arts and crafts and illumination.

Literal Meaning: Gift


Gebo is the rune of exchanges, partnership in which all parts are in balance and generosity. 

Literal Meaning: Joy


Wunjo is the rune of inner harmony, satisfaction and contenment with one's life. It also represents the inner child.

Literal Meaning: Hail


Hagalaz represents all the forces outside our control, elemental disruption and the destruction before rebirth.

Literal Meaning: Need


Nauthiz represents the journey through the dark, learning from a difficult experience and delays.

Literal Meaning: Ice


Isa represents a period of stillness and cessation of all activities. The ice kills all that is weak, in order to make room for new and stronger growth.

Literal Meaning: Year


Jera is the rune of life's cycles and the reaping of rewards for past efforts. Success is not a goal, but a turning point.

Literal Meaning: Yew


Eihwaz is the rune of Death, in the sense of a life-changing event. This sudden change is necessary for one's growth.

Literal Meaning: Unknown


Perthro is the rune of mystery and occult knowledge. It also represents randomness and coincidence.

Literal Meaning: Elk


Algiz is the rune of defense and protection. Commonly carved into shields and weapons to protect warriors.

Literal Meaning: Sun


Sowilo is the rune of the Sun, energy, motivation, fertility and good fortune.

Literal Meaning: Tyr


Tiwaz represents justice and victory after a personal sacrifice. 

Literal Meaning: Birth


Berkana is the rune of new beginnings, fertility and true home.

Literal Meaning: Horse


Ehwaz represents physical shifts, cooperation and steady progress. Remember to stay humble on your road to success.

Literal Meaning: Humankind


Mannaz is the rune of interdependence, community and the shared experiences. Our actions have effects in the people around us.

Literal Meaning: Lake


Laguz represents the power and fluidity of water. It's the rune of intuitive knowledge and psychic abilities too.

Literal Meaning: Yngvi


Ingwaz it's the rune of the god Yngvi. It represents the seed of creation and the beginning or end of major milestones in your life.

Literal Meaning: Heritage


Othala is the rune of our ancestors and what we inherit from them. It also represents prosperity and material things.

Literal Meaning: Day


Dagaz is the rune of daylight, renewal and growth. It represents the Spring coming after a dark Winter.

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